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The Newspaper Club

As the time nears to start looking for internships and jobs, I have started to think of interesting ways to present work to potential employees, and clients. I really love the idea of printing up a 12 page newspaper with all of my work in it to send off…


If ya feel like it.

If ya feel like it jump on over to¬† Windjammers Tonight I’m posting more links etc there, trying to keep this space more to my work / longer write ups.


I’ve been working on the logo for a DJ crew my pal Nick is part of. Went out to see em and got to see the very beginnings of the logo full-size! Cool to see it in action, I’ll post more as I work on it, the one in the photo is the bare-bones and start, its definetly got a little ways to go!

New Issue of Thinking For A Living.

Thinking for a living just put up a new issue and once again there is some smart, good things to read. Again if you haven’t checked this sight you need to!

On a side and unrelated note, I got to check out the Alife HQ and private showroom with my good-man David. Nice dudes, some reallly rad orginal art from tons of people I look up to. Moral = I stand by Alife, they’re doin it right & they hook it up. Next winters drop has some super-rad things and some top-secret collabs I’m not allowed to talk about! Look Out!

Connected Poster

This is a really informative write-up on the creation of this poster! I love to see a step-by-step and thought process of a final project. The insight is really inspiring and also shows the amount of work put into creating it!

Logo Project

Here are the first few logo proposals for the project. I was trying for a few different feels, without coming up with something ‘to masculine’. Many of them explore the idea of ‘non’ with the slash through the circle.

When It Rains, It Pours

Unbelievably busy. In Colorado now, then Portland > Seattle > Vancouver and finally back to NYC