Rufus Ruffcut was born in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. After being abandoned by his parents atop the highest  snowy peak in the west, Mt. St. Victory, he was adopted by a gang of wild horse riding cowboys. Here he was taught the way of the outlaw and was raised on a steady diet of Fruity Pebbles and Kiss. After moving to New York city he changed his name to Kevin Harris. He now goes to school at Fordham University and is studying Graphic Design. If you want to buy him a pizza, he would probably (definitely) be your friend.



2 responses to “Information

  1. holy shit hahaahhahahahahaha i just loled for like 5 mins

  2. hey rufus, i think you have some neat stuff up on this here interweb page you got. I especially like the new type font and the recognition of lip stunters and tree cutters… that business speaks to me. See you sometime between tomorrow and may 20th!!!!

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